What Is Muscle Fatigue


Muscle fatigue is the decline in ability of a muscle to generate force. It can be a result of vigorous exercise but abnormal fatigue may be caused by barriers to or interference with the different stages of muscle contraction.

There are two main causes of muscle fatigue: the limitations of a nerve's ability to generate a sustained signal (neural fatigue); and the reduced ability of the muscle fiber to contract (metabolic fatigue).

(from Wikipedia)


Why It Matters


Poor Posture

Poor sitting posture is a major cause of muscle fatigue on back for white-collar workers

Vigorous Exercise

Excessive or improper vigorous exercises commonly result in muscle fatigue in daily life

Special Work

Muscle fatigue is a common phenomenon in some certain professions like sheep shearers

Muscle Weakness

Muscle fatigue can directly lead to a significant reduction in muscle force generating

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be considered as a symptom of worse condition of muscle fatigue

Muscle Injury

Chronic and severe muscle fatigue carries a risk of causing muscle injury


What MiAu Provides

Muscle Fatigue MonitoringFatigue Condition WarningFatigue Release Instruction

MiAu applies advanced surface electromyography (sEMG) technique to monitor the condition of different muscles during various circumstances:
  • Long time sitting: MiAu provides the detection of muscle fatigue on back caused by sitting in a poor posture for work or study. This function especailly benifits white-collar workers and students, though they may not pay much attention to the influence of poor postures;
  • Vigorous exercise: MiAu can monitor the muscle fatigue of upper limb and lower limb during daily exercises. This function applies to both professional training and daily fitness purpose;
  • Special work protection: MiAu supports to detect the muscle fatigue of certain professions during work, which aims to prevent the occupational injury caused by excessive muscle fatigue.
  • MiAu sends warnings to users once muscle fatigue is detected. To avoid users neglecting warnings until severe consequences, MiAu provides:
  • Screen display: Warnings generated by MiAu APP will display on the mobile phone screen;
  • Phone vibration: Warnings generated by MiAu APP will drive the mobile phone to viberate.
  • MiAu provides professional muscle fatigue relief instructions once warnings are received by users.
  • Relaxation exercise: Videos of one-minute exercises for specific muscles are available in MiAu APP;
  • Health information: More health information provided by cooperative clinics is available in MiAu APP.